Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with M
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madder,field (dearg faille) madder,wild (garbhlus na boirne) madder,wild (garbhlus na boirne) mallow,common (lus na Meall Muire) mallow,common (lus na meall muire) mallow,garden tree-mallow mallow,marsh (leamhach) mallow,musk (hocas muscach) mallow,musk (hocas muscach) mallow,praire mallow,tree (hocas ard) Mare's-tail (Colgrach) Mare's-tail (Colgrach) marigold,corn (buíán) marigold,pot marjoram (máirtín fiáin) marsh-marigold (lus buí Beltaine) marsh-marigold (lus buí Beltaine) marshwort,lesser (smaileog bháite) mayweed,scented (fíogadán cumhra) mayweed,scentless (meá drua) mayweed,sea (Lus Bealtaine mara) meadow-foam Meadow-rue, common meadow-rue,lesser (rú léana beag) meadow-rue,lesser (rú léana beag) meadowsweet (airgead luachra) medick,black (dúmheidic) Medick, spotted (Meidic bhreac) Medick, spotted (Meidic bhreac) melilot,furrowed melilot,tall (Crúibín cait mór) Melilot, white mercury,annual (lus glinne beag) mercury,dogs (lus glinne) Mignonette, wild, Buí beag Mignonette, wild, Buí beag milkwort,common (lus an bhainne) milkwort,common (lus an bhainne) milkwort,common (lus an bhainne) milkwort,heath (Na deifiúiríní) mind-your-own-business (lus na ndeor) mind-your-own-business (lus na ndeor) mint,corn (mismín arbhair) mint,peppermint (lus an phiobair) mint,round-leaved (mismín cumhra) mint,spear (cartlainn gharraí) mint,water (mismín mionsach) mint,whorled (mismín burla) monbretia (feileastram dearg) monbretia (feileastram dearg) montbretia,Potts monkey-flower (buí an bhogaigh) monkey-flower,hybrid mouse-ear,common (cluas luchóige) mouse-ear,common ssp. mouse-ear,field (cluas luchóige mhóinéir) mouse-ear,sea (cluas luchóige mhara) mouse-ear,sticky (cluas luchóige ghreamaitheach) mudwort (lus lathaí) mudwort (lus lathaí) mugwort (mongach meisce) mullein,greater (Coinnle Muire) mullein,moth mullein,twiggy mustard,black (praiseach dhubh) mustard,garlic (bóchoinneal) mustard,hedge (lus an óir) mustard,hoary (mustard liath) mustard,white (sceallagach) myrtle,Chilean

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