Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Derrynane, Co.Kerry

Sea Mouse-ear
Cerastium diffusum
Cluas luchóige mhara
Family: Caryophyllaceae

Flowering time: March-July. Annual. Native.

Four-petalled, notched white flowers, shorter than sepals. Sometimes 5-petals. Leaf-like green bracts, completely herbaceous. Straight seed capsules, usually
8-toothed. Lower leaves oblong to broad-oval, upper oval-elliptical. Glandular-hairy. Stems erect or spreading. Height: To 30cm.

Coastal dry, open ground, sandy or gravelly soil, dunes, grassland, walls. Very frequent around Irish coasts, occasional inland.


Immediately above: Sea Mouse-ear. Kinsale, Co.Cork. April 2008

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