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Thank you to John Diggin for Greater Quaking-grass, Briza maxima.

Sedge, hairy Yellow-sedge, long-stalked Cotton-grass, broad-leaved Clubmoss, lesser (Garbhógach bheag) wood-sedge, starved water fern shield-fern, hard bladder-fern, brittle Bent, water Sweet-grass, reed Lyme-grass quaking-grass, greater Brome, smooth Brome, great Oat-grass, French Oat-grass, yellow Oat-grass, downy Brome, meadow

Species added in 2008: Sedges and Club-rushes

Sedge, spring Sedge, tawny beak-sedge,white club-rush,slender club-rush,floating fen-sedge,great sedge,pale club-rush,bristle sedge,oval sedge,flea sedge,star sedge,remote sedge,glaucous sedge,distant sedge,brown club-rush,sea spike-rush,common sedge,bladder sedge,common sedge,bottle yellow-sedge,common

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