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Mullein, dark Mackay's Heath Kerry Lily Thistle, milk Thistle, milk Melilot, white Rocket, hairy Rocket, hairy Ragwort, narrow-leaved Ragwort, narrow-leaved Rush, flowering Cornsalad, narrow-fruited Cornsalad, narrow-fruited Cornsalad, broad-fruited Spurge, dwarf Fleabane, blue Fleabane, Bilbao x Fleabane, blue Meadow-rue, common Dock, fiddle Dock, fiddle Wall-rocket, annual Wall-rocket, annual Water-dropwort, corky-fruited Stock, hoary Clary, wild Glasswort, perennial Glasswort, perennial
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June 2010
Clover, knotted / soft (Seamair striocach) Clover, knotted / soft (Seamair striocach) Birds-foot-trefoil, hairy (Crobh éin mosach) Birds-foot-trefoil, hairy (Crobh éin mosach) Lupin, tree (Lúipín crua) Lupin, tree (Lúipín crua) Catchfly, small-flowered (Coireán Francach) Cudweed, common (Cáithluibh) Cudweed, heath (Gnamhlus móna) Cudweed, small (Cáithluibh bheag) Evening-primrose, fragrant (Connneal oíche chumhra) Knawel, annual (Cabhair Mhuire) Duckweed, lesser / common (Ros lachan) Duckweed, least
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