Irish wildflowers

Photos: Inchigeela, Co.Cork

Corn Marigold
Glebionis segetum (Chrysanthemum segetum)
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering time: June-October. Annual. Possibly introduced.

Large solitary golden-yellow flowers, long-stalked. Leaves are more/less fleshy, grey-green, deep-toothed, hairless. Smaller stem-leaves. Erect or sprawling plant. Height: 20-50cm.

Sandy soil. Roadsides, arable and waste ground. Decreasing as arable weed, now often found sown with grass seed on road banks. Mainly N, E, S Ireland.

Similar: Pot Marigold, Calendula officinalis


Corn Marigold. Inchigeela, Co.Cork. September 2008

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