Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Gearagh, Co.Cork

Whorled Mint
Mentha x verticillata (M. arvensis x M. aquatica)
Mismín burla
Family: Lamiaceae

Natural hybrid between Corn Mint (M. arvensis) and Water Mint (M. aquatica)
Flowering time: July-October. Perennial. Native.

Whorls of mauve flowers, stamens NOT projecting. Either leaves or flowers at apex.
Calyx hairy, narrow-triangular teeth. (photo below right)
Stalked, toothed, hairy leaves. Stronger, taller plant than Corn Mint. Sterile hybrid, spreads vegetatively by underground rhizomes. Height: To 90cm.

Grows on slightly dryer ground than Water Mint. Damp grassland, river banks.
Most frequent hybrid Mint. Confirmed by Paul Green
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