Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with D

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daffodil (lus an chromchinn) daffodil (lus an chromchinn) daisy (nóinín) daisy,ox-eye (nóinín mór) daisy,seaside dames-violet (feascarlus) dandelion (Caisearbhán) Dandelion, turlough Dandelion, turlough dead-nettle,cut-leaved (caochneantóg dhiosctha) dead-nettle,red (caochneantóg dhearg) dead-nettle,spotted dead-nettle,spotted dead-nettle,white (caochneantóg bhán) dewberry (eithreog) dewberry (eithreog) dittander (piobracas) dittander (piobracas) dock,broad (Copóg shráide) dock,clustered (copóg thriopallach) dock,curled (copóg chatach) dock,curled ssp littoreus dock,curled ssp uliginosa Dock, fiddle Dock, fiddle Dock, water (Copóg uisce) dock,wood (copóg choille) dock,wood (copóg choille) dodder,common (clamhán) dodder,common (clamhán) dogwood (conbhaiscne) dogwood,white Dropwort (Lus braonach) Duckweed, least Duckweed, lesser / common (Ros lachan)

Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with E

elder (trom) elder,dwarf (tromán) elder,dwarf (tromán) enchanters-nightshade  (fuinseagal) escallonia (tomóg ghaelach) evening primrose, common (coinneal oiche) Evening-primrose, fragrant (Connneal oíche chumhra) evening-primrose, intermediate evening primrose,large-flowered (coinneal oíche mhór) everlasting,mountain (catluibh) everlasting,mountain (catluibh) eyebrights (glanrosc) eyebright, Euphrasia arctica eyebright, Euphrasia arctica ssp borealis Eyebright, Euphrasia confusa eyebright, Euphrasia nemorosa eyebright,irish (glanrosc gaelach) eyebright, Euphrasia tetraquetra

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