Irish wildflowers

Field Mouse-ear, Cerastium arvense, Cluas luchóige mhóinéir
Photos: The Burren, Co.Clare

Field Mouse-ear
Cerastium arvense
Cluas luchóige mhóinéir
Family: Caryophyllaceae

Flowering May-July. Perennial. Native.

5-petalled white flowers, divided petals approx. 2x long as sepals. 10 stamens. Short narrow leaves, downy, with some hairs glandular. Low spreading growth, can form large patches.

Dry sandy or rocky ground. Short grassland, shingle beaches.
Locally frequent in the Burren and near Galway, also north of Dublin. Decreasing.

Similar: Greater Stitchwort, Stellaria holostea

Field Mouse-ear, Cerastium arvense
Above: Field Mouse-ear, Cerastium arvense. The Burren, Co.Clare. April 2009

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