Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with W

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wallflower (lus an bhalla) wallflower (lus an bhalla) Wall-rocket, annual Wall-rocket, annual water-cress (biolar) water-cress,fools (gunna uisce) water-cress,narrow-fruited (biolar mion) water-crowfoots (néal uisce) crowfoot,ivy-leaved (néal uisce eidhneach) crowfoot,round-leaved (néal uisce cruin) water-crowfoot,stream (néal uisce bréige) water-crowfoot,stream (néal uisce bréige) Water-crowfoot, thread-leaved (Néal uisce ribeach) Water-crowfoot, thread-leaved (Néal uisce ribeach) Water-dropwort, corky-fruited Water-dropwort, fine-leaved (Dathabha uisce) Water-dropwort, fine-leaved (Dathabha uisce) water-dropwort,hemlock (dáthabha bán) water-dropwort,parsley (dáthabha peirsile) water-lily,fringed (scéithín uisce) water-lily,white (bacán bán) water-lily,yellow (cabhán abhann) water-lily,yellow (cabhán abhann) Water-milfoil,spiked (Líonánach) water-parsnip,lesser (ráib uisce) water-pepper (Biorphiobar) water-pepper,small (biorphiobar beag) water=plantain,common (corrchopóg) water=plantain,common (corrchopóg) Water-plantain, lesser (Corrchopóg bheag) water-plantain,narrow-leaved (corrchopóg chaol) water-purslane (puirpín uisce) water-starwort,common (réiltín uisce) water-starwort,intermediate (réiltín meánach) Waterweed,Canadian (Tím uisce) Waterweed,Nuttalls (Tím uisce chaol) waterwort,six-stamened (bosán te) waterwort,six-stamened (bosán te) weld (buí mor) whitlow grass (bosán anagair) whitlow grass (bosán anagair) willow,creeping (saileach reatha) willowherb,american (saileachán sráide) willowherb,broad-leaved (saileachán leathan) willowherb,greater (saileachán mór) willowherb,hoary (saileachán liath) willowherb,marsh (saileachán corraigh) willowherb,pale (Saileachán gasach) willowherb,square-stalked willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,rosebay (lus na tine) willowherb,short-fruited (saileachán caol) winter heliotrope (Plúr na gréine) wintercress (treabhach) wintercress (treabhach) wintercress,american (treabhach earraigh) wintercress,american (treabhach earraigh) wintercress,medium-flowered (treabhach meánach) wintercress,medium-flowered (treabhach meánach) woodruff,sweet (lus moileas) wood-sorrel (seamsóg) wormwood,sea (liath na trá) woundwort,field (cuislín gan duaire) woundwort,field (cuislín gan duaire) woundwort,hedge (créachtlus) woundwort,hedge (créachtlus) woundwort,hybrid woundwort,marsh (cabhsadán)

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