Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Co.Cork

Corn Mint
Mentha arvensis
Mismín arbhair
Family: Lamiaceae

Flowering time: June-September. Perennial. Native.

Mauve/lilac flowers in whorls in leaf axils. Protruding stamens. Leafy spike at apex. Calyx with short, blunt teeth. Stalked leaves, rounded-elliptical, more/less hairy, shallow-toothed, blunt-tipped. Spreads by rhizomes. Height: 15-40 cm.

Overlaps with Water Mint and Whorled Mint, but on dryer ground. Damp fields, woodland paths, roadsides, waste ground. Also found as an arable weed.

Similar: Whorled Mint, M. x verticillata
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