Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Inchigeela, Co.Cork

Marsh Marigold / King cup
Caltha palustris
Lus buí Bealtaine
Family: Ranunculaceae

Flowering time: March-May. Perennial. Native.

Flowers with golden-yellow sepals, no petals. Many yellow stamens.
Long-stalked cordate to kidney-shaped leaves, dark green, shiny.
Mainly basal, crenate, hairless. Height: 15-50 cm.
Similar: Caltha palustris var. radicans Procumbent stems rooting at nodes.
One small flower. Upland areas.

Rich damp soil. By rivers, ponds, also in wet meadows, woods, fens.
Abundant in most areas.

Photograph above: Marsh Marigold, The Gearagh, Co.Cork. March 2009

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