2009 website additions of Irish wildflowers and garden escapes.

This page shows 2009 additions of native wildflowers, introductions and garden escapes to the website.
Please hover over images for Common and Irish name, and click for Latin name, more photographs, map and plant details.

Thank you to John Diggin for Dactylorhiza x venusta, Northern Marsh-orchid, Small-white Orchid and Narrow-leaved Helleborine, Gerry Flannery for the Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot, Micheal G Slattery for Shrubby Cinquefoil, Dropwort and Broad-leaved Helleborine, and to Liam Stenson for American Skunk-cabbage.

Added in July 2009:
Water-crowfoot, thread-leaved (Néal uisce ribeach) Dactylorhiza x venusta marsh-orchid, northern (Magairlín corcra) marsh-orchid, northern (Magairlín corcra) Mare's-tail (Colgrach) Pondweed, fen (Liach eanaigh) Bladderwort,lesser (Lus borraigh beag) Bladderwort,lesser (Lus borraigh beag) Sundew, great (Cailís Mhuire mhór) Frogbit (Greim an loscáin) Frogbit (Greim an loscáin) Water-dropwort, fine-leaved (Dathabha uisce) Dock, water (Copóg uisce) Celery, wild (Smaileog) Eyebright, Euphrasia confusa Hawk's-beard, marsh (Lus cúráin corraigh) Sow-thistle, blue (Bleachtán gorm) Roseroot (Lus na laoch) Pansy, wild (Goirmín searraigh) hawkweed, H cerinthiforme (lus na seabhac) hawkweed, H cerinthiforme (lus na seabhac)

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Added April to June 2009:
Helleborine, broad-leaved (Ealabairín) Helleborine, broad-leaved (Ealabairín) Dropwort (Lus braonach) Cinquefoil, shrubby (Tor cúigmhéarach) helleborine,narrow-leaved (cuaichín caol) helleborine,narrow-leaved (cuaichín caol) Orchid, small-white (Magairlín bán) Orchid, small-white (Magairlín bán) Common spotted x Marsh-orchid, western Marsh-orchid, early x heath spotted - D x carnea Marsh-orchid, early x common spotted - D x kernerorum Marsh-orchid, early - ssp coccinea Marsh-orchid, early - ssp incarnata Marsh-orchid, early - ssp pulchella Rock-rose, spotted (Grianrós breac) Rock-rose, spotted (Grianrós breac) Chaffweed (Falcaire beag) Thistle, slender (Deagha buí) Centuary, yellow (Deagha buí) Centuary, yellow (Deagha buí) birds-foot (crúba éin) Stonecrop, thick-leaved (Grafán ramhar) Stonecrop, thick-leaved (Grafán ramhar) Water-plantain, lesser (Corrchopóg bheag) Bladderwort, greater (Lus an bhorraigh) Bladderwort, greater (Lus an bhorraigh) water-parsnip,lesser (ráib uisce) Hawk's-beard, rough (Lus cúráin garbh) Bramble, Rubus nemorosus Medick, spotted (Meidic bhreac) Medick, spotted (Meidic bhreac) Clover, rough (Seamair stríocach) Clover, rough (Seamair stríocach) Skunk-cabbage, American Skunk-cabbage, American Lily, Easter Lily, Easter Buttercup, goldilocks (Gruaig Mhuire) Buttercup, goldilocks (Gruaig Mhuire) Dandelion, turlough Dandelion, turlough

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