Irish wildflowers

Turlough dandelion
Photos: The Burren, Co.Clare

Turlough dandelion, Taraxacum palustre

Turlough dandelion / Fen dandelion
Taraxacum palustre
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering time: April - July. Perennial. Native.

A member of the Taraxacum sect. Palustria.
The yellow flowers are very similar to those of the common Dandelion but the leaves are very narrow and linear, scarcely or not lobed. Distinctive red stalks. Bracts are ovate, adpressed and have a broad pale (scarious) border.

Rare, found on damp ground near fens and turloughs. Most Irish records are from Co. Clare and Co. Galway.

Turlough dandelion, Taraxacum palustre
Turlough dandelion, Taraxacum palustre. The Burren, Co. Clare, April 2009

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