Irish wildflowers

Lesser Water-parsnip, Berula erecta, Ráib uisce
Photos: County Limerick

Lesser Water-parsnip
Berula erecta
Ráib uisce
Family: Apiaceae

Flowering July - September. Perennial. Native. Poisonous.

Small short-stalked umbels of white flowers, terminal and in leaf-axils. Bracts and bracteoles can appear leaf-like. Fruit almost spherical, deeply divided with long styles. Leaves in 7-10 pairs, bluish-green, deep-toothed, once-pinnate. Ring-mark always present on stem just above leaf-axil. Sprawling growth, spreading runners. Height 30-100cm.

Occasional to locally frequent in Ireland as an aquatic or at the edge of ponds, fens and waterways. Also found on seasonally flooded ground.
Similar: Fools Water-cress, Apium nodiflorum      

Below comparison between Lesser Water-parsnip and right: Fool's Water-cress

Lesser Water-parsnip. County Limerick. June 2009

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