Irish wildflowers

Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot, Ranunculus trichophyllus
Photos: Gerry Flannery, Bull Island

Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot
Ranunculus trichophyllus
Néal uisce ribeach
Family: Ranunculaceae

Flowering April - September. Aquatic perennial. Native.

White flowers, petals with yellow base. Young achenes are hairy, young fruits without short bristles. Laminal leaves are absent, the thread-like capillary leaves
on the central section of stem are shorter than the adjacent internodes.

Found in still or slow-moving, shallow water in ditches, pools and lake edges, can be semi-terrestrial on wet mud. Occasional in central and SE Ireland.


Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot, Ranunculus trichophyllus

Thread-leaved Water-crowfoot, Bull Island, Co. Dublin. All photos © Gerry Flannery.

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