Irish wildflowers

Roseroot, Sedum rosea
Photos: Comeragh mountains, Co.Waterford

Roseroot, Rhodiola rosea

Sedum rosea (previously Rhodiola rosea)
Lus na laoch
Family: Crassulaceae

Flowering May - August. Rhizomatous perennial. Native.

The dioecious flowers are yellowish, with four petals, sepals and carpels and eight stamens. Fleshy stalkless leaves, blue-green, blunt-toothed. Stems are erect, growing from woody rhizomes. Height 10-25cm.

Rock crevices and on ledges of sea-cliffs and mountains. Usually found above 300m but also occurs on coastal limestone pavements in the Burren, Co. Clare.

Similar: Orphine, S. telephium
Roseroot, Rhodiola rosea       Roseroot, Rhodiola rosea

Roseroot, Sedum rosea, Rhodiola rosea
Roseroot habitat. Coombaugh, Comeragh mountains, Co.Waterford. July 2009

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