Aliens: Introduced wildflowers in Ireland

I have used the term 'alien' to describe all wildflowers not considered native to Ireland. Some of these have become well establised, others are more recent or only casual. There are more introduced species found growing wild in Ireland than there are native (species known to have been here before the last Ice Age). Garden Escapes can be seen by following this link. Please hover over images for the Common and Irish name and click image for more photographs, plant details and distribution maps.

bindweed,hairy (ialus giobach) bindweed,large (ialus mór) bird-foot-trefoil,common var broomrape,common (múchóg bheag) cape-gooseberry celandine,greater (gharra bhuí) chamomile,Austrian chickweed,lesser clover,alsike (seamair lochlannach) clover,red,agricultural variety corncockle (cogal) cornflower (gormán) dead-nettle,white (teanga mhín) fleabane,canadian fleabane,hispid fluellen,sharp-leaved (buaflíon Breatnach) fumitory,purple ramping (Camán searraigh corcra) fumitory,tall ramping (camán searraigh ard) green alkanet (boglas spáineach) ground elder (lus an easpaig) groundsel,sticky (grúnlas greamaitheach) hawksbeard,beaked (lus cúráin gobach) horehound,black (grafán dubh) lettuce,wall (leitís bhalla) lucerne mallow,marsh (leamhach) Medick, spotted (Meidic bhreac) melilot,furrowed melilot,tall (Crúibín cait mór) mercury,annual (lus glinne beag) mignonette,wild (buí beag) mustard,white (sceallagach) nettle,small (neantóg bheag) niger orache,common (eilifleog) ox-tongue,bristly (Teanga bhó gharbh) penny-cress,field (praiseach fhia) pepperwort,narrow-leaved pineappleweed (lus na hiothlainne) poppy,common (cailleach dhearg) poppy,long-headed (cailleach fhada) radish,wild (Meacan raidigh) ragwort,oxford (buachalan pheadair) rape,wild (tornapa ráib) speedwell,common field (lus cré garraí) speedwell,crested (lus cré mór) speedwell,crested (lus cré mór) speedwell,green field (lus cré léana) speedwell,grey field (lus cré liath) speedwell,ivy-leaved (lus cré eidhneach) speedwell,slender (lus cré réileán) spurge,petty (gearr nimhe) spurge,sun (lus na bhfaithní) stonecrop,reflexed (grafán crom) stonecrop,rock (grafán creige) stonecrop,white (grafán bán na gcloch) toadflax,ivy-leaved (lus lín an fhalla) toadflax,small (buaflíon minus) travellers-joy (gabhrán) turnip (tornapa fiáin) violet,sweet (sailchuach chumhra) willowherb,american (saileachán sráide) willowherb,square-stalked willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) winter heliotrope (plúr na gréinne) wintercress,american (treabhach earraigh) wintercress,medium-flowered (treabhach meánach)

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