Irish wildflowers

Photograph below: Patrick Slavin

Common Poppy
Papaver rhoeas
Cailleach dhearg
Family: Papaveraceae

Flowering: June-September. Annual. Probably introduced.

Scarlet flowers,sometimes with black mark at petal base. Petals overlapping. Outer pair of petals largest. Rounded seed capsule, hairless. Flower stems with erect spreading hairs. Stalkless pinnate leaves, coarse-toothed lobes. Height: To 60cm

Arable land, waste ground, roadsides, gravel pits. Sensitive to herbicides.
Most frequent S, E, central Ireland. Often part of wildflower seed mixtures.

Similar: Long-headed Poppy, P. dubium


Photographs above: Clonakilty area, Co.Cork. June 2008

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