Irish wildflowers

Sticky Groundsel, Senecio viscosus, Grúnlas greamaitheach
Photos: Foynes, Co.Limerick

Sticky Groundsel
Senecio viscosus
Grúnlas greamaitheach
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering June-September. Annual. Introduced.

Flowerheads with spreading yellow rays which roll back as the flowers wither. Outer bracts usually dark-tipped. Hairless achenes. Whole plant covered in sticky-feeling glandular hairs, trapping air-borne debris and dust.

Free-draining, disturbed ground, often associated with railway ballast. Waste ground, roadsides, ports, rubbish tips. Mainly Dublin, Belfast, occasional elsewhere.

Similar: Heath Groundsel

Sticky Groundsel, Senecio viscosus       Sticky Groundsel, Senecio viscosus

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