Irish wildflowers

Small Toadfax, Chaenorhinum minus, Buaflíon minus
Photos: Aughinish, Co.Limerick

Small Toadfax
Chaenorhinum minus
Buaflíon minus
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Flowering May-September. Annual. Introduced.

Numerous long-stalked small pale-purple flowers, spurred. Auxillary, usually solitary. Linear leaves, grey-green. Small, slender, downy plant. Bushy growth, height to 15cm. Spring-germinating.

Well-drained, bare, usually calcareous soils. Previously fairly common on or near railway tracks, decreased due to herbicides. Also on open waste ground and gravel paths, occasionally in cultivated ground.

Small Toadfax, Chaenorhinum minus       Small Toadfax, Chaenorhinum minus

Small Toadfax. Aughinish, County Limerick. August 2008

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