Irish wildflowers

Beaked Hawks-beard, Crepis vesicaria, Lus cúráin gobach
Photos: Inchidoney beach, Co.Cork

Beaked Hawks-beard
Crepis vesicaria
Lus cúráin gobach
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering May-July. Usually biennial. Introduced.

Yellow flowers, outer florets usually reddish-orange underneath. Erect buds.
Slightly hairy bracts below flowers. All fruits (achenes) with long, slender beaks.
Stem base reddish, basal leaves deeply pinnate, the end lobe largest.
Smaller upper leaves, toothed or un-toothed. Hairy/downy plant. 30-75cm.

Dry ground, banks, roadsides, gravel pits. Most frequent in central, E and S of Ireland, rare in W and N.
Similar: Rough Hawk's-beard

Beaked Hawks-beard. Inchidoney Beach, Co.Cork

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