Irish wildflowers

Photographs: County Cork

Fools Water-cress
Apium nodiflorum
Gunna uisce
Family: Apiaceae

Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native.

Short-stalked umbels of small white flowers, usually 3-15 rays. Ovoid fruit, longer than wide with thick ridges. No bracts, numerous bracteoles. Leaves pinnate. Toothed, lobed oval leaflets. Hairless. Hollow stems. Semi-erect or creeping, rooting at lower nodes. Height: To 80 cm.

Frequent in bare muddy places, ditches, streams, by lakes, rivers.

Similar: Lesser Water-parsnip, Berula erecta


Above: Fools Water-cress. Garinish Beach, County Cork. July "008

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