Irish wildflowers

Small Cudweed, Filago minima
Photos: Co. Wexford

Small Cudweed
Filago minima
Cáithluibh bheag
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering June - September. Annual. Native.

Clusters of 3-6 flowerheads, each cluster 5-8mm width. Wide-spaced, narrow greyish leaves covered with white-woolly hairs. Small, slender plant, 5-15cm.

Rare, on dry, infertile, open, sandy or gravelly areas. Most recent records are from N Ireland, also recorded from E and SE Ireland.

Similar: Common Cudweed, F. vulgaris

Small Cudweed, Filago minima       Small Cudweed, Filago minima

Small Cudweed, Filago minima
Above: Common Cudweed, Filago vulgaris and Small Cudweed, F. minima. June 2010

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