Irish wildflowers

Wild Clary, Salvia verbenaca
Photos: Co. Wexford

Wild Clary
Salvia verbenaca
Family: Lamiaceae

Flowering May - August. Perennial. Native.

Loose spikes of two-lipped, purplish-blue flowers, usually in whorls of 6. Smaller, non-opening corollas hidden in calyx. Basal rosette of stalked oblong-oval leaves, irregularly deep-toothed, wrinkled. Few, stalkless stem leaves. Slightly sage-scented, height 30-80cm.

Dry, +/- base-rich dunes, grasslands and roadsides. Rare, only S, E Irish coasts.

Wild Clary, Salvia verbenaca
Wild Clary. September 2010

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