Irish wildflowers

Dwarf Spurge, Euphorbia exigua
Photos: Co. Wexford

Dwarf Spurge
Euphorbia exigua
Spuirse bhocht
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Flowering June - September. Annual. Probably introduced.

Flowers are very similar to those of Petty Spurge, E. peplus but smaller. Triangular-lanceolate bracts, crescent-shaped glands. Fruit capsule not keeled. Unstalked, narrow, greyish-green leaves. Height 5-15cm.

Found on arable and waste ground, prefers calcareous soils. Central and SE Ireland, rare, declining.

Dwarf Spurge, Euphorbia exigua       Dwarf Spurge, Euphorbia exigua
Dwarf Spurge. September 2010

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