Irish wildflowers

Photos: near Baltimore, Co.Cork

Crocus species. Family: Iridaceae. Relics of cultivation or rare garden escapes.

Early Crocus
Crocus tommasinianus
Photograph top left. Flowering late winter to spring. Perennial bulb.
Seeds freely. often naturalised in gardens. One or two flowers produced by each bulb, pale lilac to deep purple, outer tepals often silvery. Long white perianth tubes. Leaves usually 2-3mm wide.

Spring Crocus / Dutch Crocus
Crocus vernus
Photographs immediately below. Flowering spring to early summer.
Solitary flowers, white or shades of purple, often darker striped. Perianth tube usually mauve or purple. Leaves usually 4-8mm wide. Often naturalises in gardens, the most commonly grown species.

Above: Spring Crocus, C.vernus Early Crocus, C.tommasinianus
Naturalised in old churchyard, and some plants spreading to neighbouring field. February 2008.

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