Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with R

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radish,sea (meacan mara) radish,sea (meacan mara) radish,wild (Meacan raidigh) ragged robin (plúr na cuaiche) ragwort (buachalán buí) ragwort,common ssp dunensis ragwort, rayless variety (buachlán buí) ragwort,common x ssp dunensis ragwort,common x marsh ragwort,hoary (Buachalán liath) ragwort,marsh (Buachalán corraigh) Ragwort, narrow-leaved Ragwort, narrow-leaved ragwort,oxford (Buachalán Pheadair) ragwort,silver hybrid ramsons (creamh) rape,wild (tornapa ráib) raspberry (sú craobh) redshank (ghlúineach dhearg) restharrow (fréamhacha tairne) restharrow,spiny rhododendron (róslabhras) rockcress,hairy (gas caillí giobach) rock-rose,hoary (grianrós liath) Rock-rose, spotted (Grianrós breac) Rocket, hairy Rocket, hairy rocket,sea (cearrbhacán mara) rose,burnet (briulán) rose, Excelsa rose,many-flowered rose,japanese (rós rúscach) rose,japanese (rós rúscach) rose,dog (feirdhris) rose,dog (feirdhris) rose, downy-rose,Sherards (rós Shioraird) rose, downy-rose,Sherards (rós Shioraird) rose, downy-rose,soft (rós bog) rose,field (rós léana) rose,field (rós léana) rose, field-rose,short-styled (rós stíleach) rose, field-rose,short-styled (rós stíleach) rose, sweet-briar (dris chumhra) rose, sweet-briar (dris chumhra) rose,sweet-briar,small-flowered (dris chumhra bheag) rose,sweet-briar,small-flowered (dris chumhra bheag) rose, sweet-briar,small-leaved (dris chumhra gheal) rose, sweet-briar,small-leaved (dris chumhra gheal) rose,dog-rose x harsh downy-rose rose,field-rose x dog-rose rose,field x short-styled rose-of-sharon (lus buí Mhanannáin) Roseroot (Lus na laoch) russian-vine

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