Welcome to Irish Wildflowers with photographs and details of over 800 of the native and introduced wildflowers in Ireland.
By Jenny Seawright

The common and Irish names are given when hovering over each image on the Images A-Z and clicking on the image opens a page with more photographs, scientific name, plant details and a link to the BSBI distribution map. To search for wildflowers by Colour or to see some of the species that are Flowering Now please follow the links.

If you are searching for native wildflowers the A-Z Indexes show which are the native Irish wild flowers included in the website. Most wildflowers growing in Ireland are also found in Britain and Northern Europe and over 800 of these species are native in Ireland. Fifteen native species form the Lusitanian Flora and most members of this unique group of plants are absent from both Britain and Northern Europe. The Sitemap gives easy access to all sections of the website.

Ireland has many different Habitats, each with their own distinctive flora. The Burren in County Clare is famous for the wildflowers found on its limestone pavements and Irish peat bogs are still some of the most extensive left in Europe.

More: An additional section with photographs illustrating some of the many TreesFernsFern AlliesGrassesRushes and Wood-rushesClub-rushes and SedgesMosses and Liverworts and Lichens to be found in Ireland.

Yellow Flag Iris, Iris pseudoacorus, Feileastram Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, Lus mór Honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum, Táthfhéithleann Large-flowered Butterwort, Pinguicula grandiflora, Leith uisce

Thank you to Paul Green for botanical consultancy, Aindí Mac Giolla Chomhghaill for corrections to the Irish names
and to the Heritage Council for their support in 2008.

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