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Ragwort, Jacobaea vulgaris, Buachalán buí
Photographs: Co. Cork

Common Ragwort
Jacobaea vulgaris (Senecio jacobaea)
Buachalán buí
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering time: June-October. Biennial. Native.

Bright yellow flower heads in dense corymb, the flowers ith numerous ray florets. Deeply-pinnate basal and stem leaves with toothed segments. Leafy stems. A hairless or slightly woolly plant. The fresh plant contains poisonous alkaloids which are avoided by grazing animals. Important food source for caterpillars of Cinnabar Moth (below). Height 30-140cm.

Very common on grassland, waste ground, roadsides and dunes.

Similar: Marsh Ragwort, Jacobaea aquaticus

Ragwort, Jacobaea vulgaris, Buachalán buí

Ragwort, Senecio jacobaea, Buachalán buí
Ragwort, Jacobaea vulgaris (Senecio jacobaea), Buachalán buí

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