Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with F

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fat hen (praiseach fhiáin) fennel (finéal) fern,royal (raithneach ríúil) feverfew (lus deartán) figwort,cape figwort,common (donnlus) figwort,common, var bobartii figwort,water (donnlus uisce) figwort,water (donnlus uisce) flax,fairy (lus na mban) flax,new zealand (Líon na Nua-Shéalainne) flax,pale (Líon beag) fleabane,bilbao fleabane,bilbao Fleabane, blue Fleabane, blue x Bilbao fleabane,Canadian fleabane,common (Lus buí na ndreancaidí) fleabane,Mexican (nóinín balla) Flowering-rush fluellen,sharp-leaved (buaflíon Breatnach) fluellen,sharp-leaved (buaflíon Breatnach) forget-me-not,changing (lus míonla buí) forget-me-not,creeping (ceotharnach reatha) forget-me-not,early (lus míonla luath) forget-me-not,field (lus míonla goirt) forget-me-not,tufted (ceotharnach beag) forget-me-not,water (ceotharnach uisce) forget-me-not, water x tufted foxglove (lus mór) foxglove (lus mór) foxglove,fairy (méirín sí) fox and cubs (searbh deargh) fringe-cups Frogbit (Greim an loscáin) fuchsia (fiúise) fuchsia,white fumitory,common (camán searraigh díge) Ramping-fumitory, Boreau's Ramping-fumitory,common (camán searraigh balla) Ramping-fumitory,purple (Camán searraigh corcra) Ramping-fumitory,tall (camán searraigh ard) Ramping-fumitory,white (caman searraigh bán)

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