Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with W

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wallflower (lus an bhalla) Wall-rocket, annual Wall-rocket, annual water-cress (biolar) water-cress,fools (gunna uisce) water-cress,narrow-fruited (biolar mion) water-crowfoots (néal uisce) crowfoot,round-leaved (néal uisce cruin) water-crowfoot,stream (néal uisce bréige) water-crowfoot,stream (néal uisce bréige) Water-crowfoot, thread-leaved (Néal uisce ribeach) Water-dropwort, corky-fruited Water-dropwort, fine-leaved (Dathabha uisce) Water-dropwort, fine-leaved (Dathabha uisce) water-dropwort,hemlock (dáthabha bán) water-dropwort,parsley (dáthabha peirsile) water-lily,fringed (scéithín uisce) water-lily,white (bacán bán) water-lily,yellow (cabhán abhann) Water-milfoil,spiked (Líonánach) water-parsnip,lesser (ráib uisce) water-pepper (Biorphiobar) water=plantain,common (corrchopóg) water=plantain,common (corrchopóg) Water-plantain, lesser (Corrchopóg bheag) water-plantain,narrow-leaved (corrchopóg chaol) water-purslane (puirpín uisce) water-starwort,common (réiltín uisce) water-starwort,intermediate (réiltín meánach) Waterweed,Canadian (Tím uisce) Waterweed,Nuttalls (Tím uisce chaol) waterwort,six-stamened (bosán te) weld (buí mor) whitlow grass (bosán anagair) whitlow grass (bosán anagair) willow,creeping (saileach reatha) willowherb,american (saileachán sráide) willowherb,broad-leaved (saileachán leathan) willowherb,greater (saileachán mór) willowherb,hoary (saileachán liath) willowherb,marsh (saileachán corraigh) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,new zealand (saileachán sraoilleach) willowherb,pale (Saileachán gasach) willowherb,pale (Saileachán gasach) willowherb,rosebay (lus na tine) willowherb,short-fruited (saileachán caol) willowherb,square-stalked willowherb,square-stalked winter heliotrope (Plúr na gréine) wintercress (treabhach) wintercress (treabhach) wintercress,american (treabhach earraigh) wintercress,american (treabhach earraigh) wintercress,medium-flowered (treabhach meánach) wintercress,medium-flowered (treabhach meánach) woodruff,sweet (lus moileas) wood-sorrel (seamsóg) wormwood,sea (liath na trá) woundwort,field (cuislín gan duaire) woundwort,field (cuislín gan duaire) woundwort,hedge (créachtlus) woundwort,hybrid woundwort,hybrid woundwort,marsh (cabhsadán)

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