Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with G

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garlic,crow (gairleog Mhuire) garlic,three-cornered (creamh garraí) garlic,wild / ramsons (creamh) gentian,autumn (muilcheann) gentian,autumn (muilcheann) Gentian, field, Gentianella campestris gentian,spring (Ceadharlach Bealtaine) giant-rhubarb (gunnaire) Giant-rhubarb, Brazilian gipsywort (feorán corraigh ) gipsywort (feorán corraigh ) gladiolus,eastern glassworts (lus na gloine) glasswort,common glasswort,one-flowered Glasswort, perennial Glasswort, perennial glasswort,purple goat's-beard (finidí na muc) goat's-beard (finidí na muc) goldenrod (slat óir) Goldenrod, Canadian golden-samphire (ailleann Pheadair) golden-saxifrage,opposite-leaved (glóris) goosefoot,red (blonagán dearg) gorse,european (aiteann gallda) gorse,european (aiteann gallda) gorse,western (aiteann gaelach) gorse,western (aiteann gaelach) grape-hyacinth grass of parnassus (fionnscoth) green alkanet (Boglas Spáinneach) ground elder (lus an easpaig) ground ivy (athair lusa) groundsel (grúnlas) groundsel,heath (grúnlas móna) groundsel,sticky (grúnlas greamaitheach) guelder-rose (Caor chon)

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