SEDGES and CLUB-RUSHES etc (Cyperaceae)

This section shows some of the Sedges and Club-rushes found in Ireland. It is still under construction, with more species to be added. Clicking on the image shows photographs, plant details and a link to the BSBI distribution map for that species.
A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Scientific

beak-sedge,white beak-sedge,white bog-rush,black bog-rush,black club-rush,bristle club-rush,bristle club-rush,common club-rush,common club-rush,floating club-rush,floating club-rush,grey club-rush,grey club-rush,sea club-rush,sea club-rush,slender club-rush,slender Cotton-grass, broad-leaved Cotton-grass, broad-leaved cottongrass,common cottongrass,common cottongrass,hares-tail cottongrass,hares-tail deergrass deergrass fen-sedge,great fen-sedge,great fox-sedge,false fox-sedge,false galingale,pale galingale,pale pond sedge,greater sedge,bladder sedge,bladder sedge,bottle sedge,bottle sedge,brown sedge,carnation sedge,carnation sedge,common sedge,common sedge,distant sedge,flea sedge,glaucous sedge,glaucous sedge,green-ribbed sedge,green-ribbed sedge,grey sedge,grey Sedge, hairy Sedge, hairy sedge,long-bracted sedge,oval sedge,pale sedge,pendulous sedge,pendulous sedge,pill sedge,pill sedge,remote sedge,remote sedge,sand sedge,sand sedge,smooth-stalked sedge,smooth-stalked Sedge, spring sedge,star Sedge, tawny spike-rush,common spike-rush,common tussock sedge,greater tussock sedge,greater yellow-sedge,common yellow-sedge,common Yellow-sedge, long-stalked Yellow-sedge, long-stalked wood-sedge wood-sedge wood-sedge, starved wood-sedge, starved


bulrush bulrush

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