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Carex pilulifera

Pill Sedge
Carex pilulifera
Cíb na bpaidríní
Family: Cyperaceae

Fruiting June-July. Perennial. Native.
Identified by Paul Green

Spikelets are closely clustered, the short male spikelet with light-brown glumes with pale edges and midrib. Ovoid female spikelets with short bracts and pointed, red-brown glumes with pale edges and green midrib. Female florets with three stigmas. Green, downy, ovoid fruit with notched beak. Stems 10-30cm, arching outwards when fruit are ripe.

Dry heaths, moorlands and woodland rides on acidic sandy soils.

Similar: Spring Sedge, Carex caryophyllea.
Prefers calcareous or base-rich ground.


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