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Carex riparia

Greater Pond Sedge
Carex riparia
Cíb locháin mhór
Family: Cyperaceae

Flowering June-August, fruiting June -September. Perennial. Native.

Similar to Lesser Pond-sedge, C. acutiformis, but larger, stouter plant. Broader pale bluish-green leaves, 6-15mm, sharply narrowed to tip. Sheaths more transluscent. Stalked female spikelets, sometimes drooping. Utricles with deep-notched beak. Can form large stands. Rhizomatous, reproduction mainly vegetative.

Base-rich marshes, wet woodland, river and lake banks. Scattered distribution, mainly E Ireland.
Identified by Paul Green

Greater Pond-sedge. WFS meeting, Co.Waterford. June 2008

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