FERN ALLIES: Horsetails, Clubmosses and Quillworts

This new section showing some of the Horsetails, Clubmosses and Quillworts found in Ireland is under construction and more species will be added. Clicking on the thumbnail image shows photographs, plant details and link to BSBI distribution map.
A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Scientific

Clubmoss,Fir (Aiteann Muire) Clubmoss,Fir (Aiteann Muire) Clubmoss,Kraus's (Garbhógach gharraí) Clubmoss,Kraus's (Garbhógach gharraí) Clubmoss, lesser (Garbhógach bheag) Clubmoss, lesser (Garbhógach bheag) Clubmoss,marsh (Garbhógach chorraigh) Clubmoss,marsh (Garbhógach chorraigh) Horsetail,field (Scuab eich ghoirt) Horsetail,field (Scuab eich ghoirt) Horsetail,great (Feadóg) Horsetail,great (Feadóg) Horsetail,marsh (Scuab eich chorraigh) Horsetail,marsh (Scuab eich chorraigh) Horsetail,water (Scuab eich uisce) Horsetail,water (Scuab eich uisce) Horsetail,wood (Scuab eich choille) Horsetail,wood (Scuab eich choille) Horsetail 1 Horsetail 1

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