GRASSES (Poaceae)

This section shows some of the many Grasses found in Ireland. It is still under construction with more species to be added. Clicking on the thumbnail image shows photographs, plant details and a link to the BSBI distribution map for that species.
A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Scientific

barley,two-rowed barley,wall bent,common bent,creeping Bent, water brome,barren Brome, great Brome, meadow Brome, smooth brome,soft brome,soft ssp thominei canary-grass canary-grass,reed cocksfoot cord-grass,common couch couch couch,sand couch,sea couch, sea x sand dogs-tail,crested false-brome,wood fern-grass fern-grass,sea fescue,dune fescue,meadow fescue,rats-tail fescue,red fescue,red fescue,sheeps fescue,squirreltail Fescue, tall fescue,viviparous fescue,wood fox-tail,marsh fox-tail,meadow hard-grass,sea hair-grass,crested hair-grass,crested hair-grass,early hair-grass,silvery hair-grass,tufted hair-grass,wavy heath-grass Lyme-grass Lyme-grass marram mat-grass meadow-grass,annual meadow-grass meadow-grass,smooth millet, wood Moor-grass, blue moor-grass,purple moor-grass,purple oat oat,wild Oat-grass, downy Oat-grass, downy oat-grass,false Oat-grass, French Oat-grass, yellow pampas-grass quaking-grass quaking-grass quaking-grass, greater quaking-grass, greater reed,common rye-grass,italian rye-grass,perennial rye-grass hybrid saltmarsh-grass, common saltmarsh-grass, common sand-grass,early sand-grass,early soft-grass,creeping soft-grass,creeping sweet-grass,floating Sweet-grass, reed timothy vernal-grass,sweet vernal-grass,sweet wheat,bread whorl-grass,water yorkshire fog yorkshire fog wind-grass, new zealand

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