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Chaffweed, Lysimachia minima, Falcaire beag
Photographs: Rock Island, Co. Cork

Lysimachia minima (Anagallis minima)
Falcaire beag
Family: Primulaceae

Flowering June - July. Annual. Native.

One of Europe's smallest flowering plants. Solitary flowers in leaf axils with 5 tiny sepals and a smaller pinkish, 5-lobed corolla. The stalkless stem leaves are usually alternate, oval, un-toothed and hairless with a thin black line round the underside. Height 2-7cm.

Occurs on bare damp, sandy, usually acidic ground. Often coastal among dunes but also on forestry tracks and by heathland paths. Often found with Allseed, Radiola linoides.

Chaffweed, Lysimachia minima, Falcaire beag

Chaffweed, Anagallis minima, Falcaire beag
Chaffweed, Lysimachia minima (Anagallis minima), Falcaire beag

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