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Allseed, Linum radiola, Gathán lín
Photographs: Ballingeary, Co. Cork

Linum radiola (Radiola linoides)
Gathán lín
Family: Linaceae

Flowering time: July-August. Annual. Native.

The clusters of very tiny, short-stalked white flowers with 4 petals are followed by globose seed capsules, more noticeable than the flowers. Opposite leaves are elliptical and single veined. A hairless, branched plant with reddish threadlike stems that is often overlooked. Height to 7cm.

Mainly found in west, north-west and south-west Ireland on damp, infertile ground on sand, peat or gravel. Heaths, tracks, dune-slacks and paths. Often grows with Chaffweed, Anagallis minima

Allseed, Linum radiola, Gathán lín

Allseed, Radiola linoides, Gathán lín
Allseed, Linum radiola (Radiola linoides), Gathán lín

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