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Squirrel-tail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides

Squirrel-tail Fescue
Vulpia bromoides
Feisciú aimrid
Family: Poaceae

Flowering May-July. Annual. Native. Identified by Paul Green

Erect, branched flowerheads, one-sided and +/- spreading. Many-flowered spikelets with long awns, the lower glumes at least half as long as the upper. Very thin leaves with inrolled margins. Leaf sheaths not inflated, ending some distance from inflorescence. Height 10-40cm.

Most frequent in south and west of Ireland on dry banks, walls, dry heathland and gravelly areas.

Similar: Rat's-tail Fescue, Vulpia myuros and Dune Fescue, Vulpia fasciculata

Squirrel-tail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides       Squirreltail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides

Squirreltail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides
Squirrel-tail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides. Co. Waterford and Co. Cork

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