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Dune Fescue, Vulpia fasciculata

Dune Fescue
Vulpia fasciculata
Feisciú duimhche
Family: Poaceae

Flowering May-June. Annual. Native.
First record for County Cork and the most westerly record of this grass in Ireland. Identification confirmed by Paul Green.

Dense, erect, one-sided flowerheads, 2-12cm long, orange-brown when mature . Spikelets 25-35mm, lower glume minute or absent, upper glume 3-veined, 15-20 times as long as lower. Ribbed stems, much-inflated upper leaf sheaths. Growth decumbent at base, erect above, height 10-30cm.

Coastal on sand dunes, most Irish records from E and SE coasts.

Similar: Squirrel-tail Fescue, Vulpia bromoides

Dune Fescue, Vulpia fasciculata       Dune Fescue, Vulpia fasciculata

Dune Fescue. Inchidoney, County Cork. July 2008

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