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Hairy Tare, Ervilia hirsuta, Peasair arbhair
Photographs: Blarney, Co.Cork

Hairy Tare
Ervilia hirsuta (Vicia hirsuta)
Peasair arbhair
Family: Fabaceae

Flowering time: May-August. Annual. Native.

Very small whitish-lilac flowers in short racemes are followed by hairy seedpods that become black when ripe. . The leaves have 4-10 pairs of linear-oblong, blunt-ended leaflets and tendrils are present. A slender plant with sprawling or scrambling growth. Height/spread 20-40 cm.

Grows on disturbed ground on neutral soils, among rough grassland and on sea-cliffs and shingle beaches. Mainly found S, E, NE Ireland.

Hairy Tare, Vicia hirsuta, Peasair arbhair

Hairy Tare, Vicia hirsuta, Peasair arbhair
Hairy Tare, Ervilia hirsuta (Vicia hirsuta), Peasair arbhair

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