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Hawkweeds, Hieracium
Photographs: Co. Waterford

Lus na seabhac
Family: Asteraceae

Hawkweeds form a large group of perennial plants that can be very difficult to identify! They are divided into different groups or 'sections' with many micro-species recognised within the sections

All are perennials with yellow flowers and several rows of sepal-like bracts. Basal leaf-rosettes are present or absent depending on species

They occur in a range of habitats but prefer poor, dry ground.

Mouse-eared Hawkweed, Pilosella officinarum is one of the easiest to identify and H. anglicum probably the most common Irish microspecies

Hawkweeds, Hieracium

Hawkweeds, Hieracium
Hawkweeds, Hieracium

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