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Reflexed Stonecrop, Petrosedum rupestre, Grafán crom
Photographs: Macroom, Co. Cork

Reflexed Stonecrop
Petrosedum rupestre (Sedum rupestre)
Grafán crom
Family: Crassulaceae

Flowering: June-August. Perennial. Garden escape. Introduced.

Panicles of bright yellow flowers, usually with 6-7 petals, the buds drooping. The rounded, fleshy leaves are pointed and linear on erect to ascending stems. Dead leaves do not remain on stems. Decumbent, rooting sterile shoots. Height 10-35cm

Scattered distribution in Ireland on walls, dry banks and rocks.

Similar: Rock Stonecrop, P. forsterianum

Reflexed Stonecrop, Petrosedum rupestre, Grafán crom
Reflexed Stonecrop, Petrosedum rupestre (Sedum rupestre), Grafán crom

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