Irish wildflowers

Bramble, Rubus fruticosus, Dris
Photographs: Co. Cork

Brambles / Blackberries
Rubus fruticosus agg.
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering May-September, fruiting August-October. Deciduous shrub. Native.

Panicles of white or pink-mauve flowers on second year stems. Edible berries are red ripening to black. Leaves have 3-5 toothed leaflets, prickly underneath with stalked lateral leaflets. Woody, prickly stems, trailing or arching, sometimes rooting at tips. Height/spread: 1-3m

Widespread, often invasive. Woods, wasteland, hedges, arable land.

There are many different micro-species (over 80 recorded in Ireland) but most need expert identification.

Bramble, Rubus fruticosus, Dris

Bramble, Rubus fruticosus, Dris
Bramble's, Rubus fruticosus agg., Dris

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