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Lyme-grass, Leymus arenarius

Leymus arenarius
Family: Poaceae

Flowering July-August. Perennial. Native.

Large, spike-like flowerheads with many-flowered, unstalked spikelets in opposite, alternating pairs up the stems. Broad, stiff, greyish-green leaves with sharply pointed tips and short, blunt ligules. Spreads by means of creeping rhizomes. Height 60-120cm.

Coastal on dunes and occasionally on fine shingle, mainly found on eastern and northern Irish coasts.

Sea Couch, Elytrigia atherica and Marram, Ammophila arenaria

Lyme-grass, Leymus arenarius       Lyme-grass, Leymus arenarius

Lyme-grass, Leymus arenarius
Lyme-grass. Co. Wexford, September 2010

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