Irish wildflowers

Fragrant Agrimony, Agrimonia procera, Marbhdhraighean cumhra
Photos: Barley Cove, Co.Cork

Fragrant Agrimony
Agrimonia procera
Marbhdhraighean cumhra
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering June- August. Perennial. Native.

Very similar to Agrimony, A. eupatoria
Long spikes with many 5-petalled flowers. Bell-shaped fruiting calyx, with less obvious furrows than the above and some bristles curving downward. Leaves fragrant when crushed. Leafier stems, less pubescent leaflets. Stem with only short glandular, long non-glandular hairs.

Similar habitats to Agrimony, but prefers acidic ground. Occasional.
Identified by Paul Green

Fragrant Agrimony. Barley Cove, County Cork.

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