Irish wildflowers

Common Butterwort, Pinguicula vulgaris, Bodán meascáin
Photos: Barley Cove, Co.Cork

Common Butterwort
Pinguicula vulgaris
Bodán meascáin
Family: Lentibulariaceae

Flowering May-July. Insectivorous perennial. Native.

Solitary blue-violet, two-lipped flowers with lobes of lower lip diverging. Pale throat patch. Pointed spur. Ovoid seed capsule. Flower stems 6-18cm. Basal rosette of stalkless leaves covered with sticky glands to trap insects.
Overwinters as rootless bud. Hybrids with Large-flowered Butterwort occur occasionally (P. x scuyli).

Found in nutrient-poor bogs, rock crevices, open fens, mountain heaths. Frequent in N, W and centre, rare elsewhere in Ireland.

Common Butterwort. Barley Cove, Co.Cork. May 2008

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