Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Ballingeary, Co.Cork

Large-flowered Butterwort
Pinguicula grandiflora
Leith uisce
Family: Lentibulariaceae

Flowering time: May - July. Perennial. Native.

Violet-blue flowers, white, purple-streaked throat patch. Corolla 20-25mm. Lower
lip with broad, overlapping lobes, wavy-edged. Slender, nearly straight spur.
Insectivore, sticky leaves trap insects, digested to obtain vital nutrients.
Height: Flower stems 7-13cm. Part of Lusitanian Flora

Heaths, bogs, fens. SW Ireland, frequent in Cork, Kerry, rare in Limerick, Clare.

Similar: Common Butterwort, P. vulgaris.

Photographs above: County Kerry.

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