Irish wildflowers

Photo: Patrick Slavin, the Burren

Dense-flowered Orchid
Neotinea maculata
Magairlín glas
Family: Orchidaceae

Flowering: April-June. Tuberous perennial. Native.

Dense, cylindrical spikes of greenish-white or dull pink flowers.
Basal leaves greyish green, smaller clasping stem leaves.
Leaves often have lines of small purple-brown spots.
Vanilla-scented. Short, inconspicuous plant. Height: 10-30cm.

Grows on base-rich or calcareous gravelly soils. Limestone pavements,
grassland, dunes, roadsides and occasionally in hazel woodland.
Very rare, mainly found in Co.Clare. Decreasing. Absent from the UK.

Member of the Lusitanian Flora.

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